Data Engineering in AWS Over-Simplified Part-1

  1. Set Up Local Development Env for Windows for AWS
  2. Cloud9 IDE

Setting up Development Env

  • What happened behind the scene is that Virtual machine is now installed, WSL (Windows Assistant for Linux ) is now in place.
  • What we need to do now is to reboot so that the installation of the VM using the Ubuntu 20.04 distribution is taken care of. Just restart now.
  • Once you log back in you will see this screen which is a WSL Interface a flavor of Powershell. It will be prompting you for a username & password. Set something up for your username & password. By doing that, that you will be created as a user on Ubuntu20.04 VM.
  • Now if you type uname -a, you will see that this is nothing but a Linux based operating system
  • Your home folder should look like this(Users/ Yourname)and to get all the files, type in “ls -ltr” (A Linux based command to see files/ folder) as shown below
  1. Just type “ mkdir -p XYZ/whatever/whatever location”
  2. Then cd in by typing “cd paste your location created before”. You are in now.
  3. 3. To create your own environment type “python3 -m venv ABCname”.

Setting Up Cloud9




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