I did not find an option to communicate with you personally on Medium and do not mean to call you out publicly . Budhism transformed my life completely and I have immense respect for Shakyamuni and Mahavishnu both. I agree with history being distorted( and every side has done this) and caste based discrimination hurting our people. Overall I liked your idea of clarifying things but did not like the way you put it . No one is denying that Caste problem is the evil we are fighting & all caste based inequalities need to end asap. Coming back to your presentation, it is sooo wrong to slander an enligtened being (Mahavishnu) just to put your point across. Comparing them and demeaning dieties speaks volumes about your own mindset and ignorance. By the way, Budha never scorned.. so please stop portraying him to be a version that is of your making and instead stick to facts. From what I know, he did not even admonish the man who insulted him .., his compassion and wisdom was truly unfathomable. If you have ever tried to understand him as a human, you would know how he transformed the heart of every person he encountered in his lifetime. Budha repeatedly asks people to not slander other Budhas( in your case your lack of knowledge on karma yoga and writing nasty things about one religion to promote other is not cool )...
All budhas come to lead people to Enlightenment using various expedient means. For example Krishna appeared on earth to teach karma yoga & while we still dwell on that thought , please have some respect for all warriors in the past & warriors of the present who discharge their duty and sacrifice their life protecting Dharma . Coming back to Budhas way of giving up unwholesome deeds, do we need to say anything more? Buddhist principles undoubtedly appeal to so many and his Sutras are serving as a guiding light to the entire world… Coming to the point of Vishnu having to reincarnate, Hindusim and Budhism clearly state that Bodhisattvas appear on earth to lead people to the enlightenment, they are not like us. They are not born due to karma , on the contrary, these noble heros make the choice to help humanity and voluntarily take birth.. They even forego parinirvana just to save people, that’s how compassionate they are . As far as Budhist avatars go, buddha makes the second great revelation of the Lotus Sūtra where Buddha explains that the world believes that he was born as a prince, left the palace in search of enlightenment, practiced austerities for six years, and achieved buddhahood near the city of Gayā. In fact, he achieved buddhahood incalculable aeons ago, and the life story that is so well known is yet another case of his skillful means; he was enlightened all the time, yet performed those deeds to inspire the world. Not only was he enlightened long ago, his passage into nirvāṇa is not imminent. His lifespan is immeasurable: “I abide forever without entering parinirvāṇa.” Dear author, please read throughly before writing articles and practise Budhist compassion for all beings ( including Indian dieties whose sole reason for descent to earth from heaven was to protect Dharma )




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abhinaya rajaram

abhinaya rajaram

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